Mortgage Borrower Checklist

Are you ready to apply for a mortgage?

The Valliance Bank Mortgage Borrower Checklist will help you collect all the documents you need to apply for a mortgage. 

We want to help you...

  • review necessary information
  • collect required documents
  • close faster on your new home

Apply for a Mortgage TodayMortgage Borrower Checklist

Review information needed

  • Income and employment records

  • Assets and debts

  • Credit history

  • Identity verification

  • Rental information and landlord references

  • Other information, such as divorce documents

Collect your documents

As you go through your checklist, find each document, print it (if you only have a digital copy), and scan paper-only documents so that you have each available digitally and physically. Make sure you make copies to hand over to the lender so you aren’t giving away originals. Then begin organizing them by labeling them and keeping them together in one file.

Close on your home faster

Not having all the documents you need can delay closing. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ll ensure you’re prepared with all the information and required documents to reduce the stress of the home-buying process.